So this is us...

We're a human company and we build chatbot software.

No contradiction here. In order to build chatbots that candidates love, we work hard to connect with our clients and to understand the unique requirements of their business.

As a team, we draw on decades of experience in business, tech and recruiting to offer recruiters not just an innovative solution – but the most human solution.

Our story so far

Why we founded Applyr

Recruitment in 2017 is horribly inefficient.

We've experienced this pain ourselves on both sides of the fence—both as recruiters/hiring managers and as candidates.

Where we're located

We founded Applyr in Amsterdam because the city has a tremendous startup scene, a willingness to experiment and an awesome pool of talent

Kabelweg 43, 1014 AB Amsterdam

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Our objectives for the future

As our AI technology improves, our software will continue to enhance the quality of people's work and their search for work.

Ultimately we want the whole world to enjoy the benefits of Applyr. 


Our Team


Steve Parkins


Entrepreneur, economist and former derivatives trader with 13 years’ international experience in financial markets, startups & sales leadership.


Rense VanderHoek


Highly-experienced developer and tech leader. He's been designing, developing and deploying scalable applications for almost 20 years.


Michael DeFazio

VP Product & Design

Award-winning designer with over 12 years’ international experience in product strategy, UI & UX, responsive web design and visual communication.


Jennifer Boulanger

Strategic Advisor / Recruitment Expert

Acclaimed senior executive, speaker, leader and consultant with over 20 years’ international experience in talent acquisition.


Ahnjili ZhuParris

Data Scientist

Creative coder (MSc Cognitive Neuroscience) who enjoys using machine learning to solve complex and unconventional problems.


Matt Foster

Frontend Developer

Frontend developer

We're hiring

  • Chatbot Writer

    Amsterdam, NL

    Teach our chatbots how to make great conversation with job applicants.

  • SaaS Account Manager

    Amsterdam, NL

    Convince the world of the benefits of Applyr recruitment chatbot software.

  • Astronaut

    Houston, Texas

    Do you have what it takes? Apply via our recruiter chatbot here!