Screen and schedule candidates, automatically.

With our AI-powered pre-selection, scheduling and analytics platform, the top of your recruitment funnel will never be the same

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Recruit quality over quantity

The Applyr PreSelect chatbot helps you engage with and select the most qualified candidates—first time.

Applyr PreSelect is responsive to each of your applicants 24/7. The chatbot doesn't just screen candidates; it answers their questions and gives them real-time feedback.

Goodbye, Black Hole. Hello, great candidate experience.

Better for candidates. Better for recruiters. Better for business.


More time for high-value activities

Back-and-forth emails between the candidate and the recruiter are a waste of time.

Applyr Schedule chatbot syncs with your teams’ calendars and schedules interviews for the candidate and interviewers without hassle.

It also provides updates to the candidate throughout the interview process.

No more email ping-pong.

No more candidates lost due to inefficient processes.


Actionable data for better recruiting

Are you attracting the right applicants?

Are they engaging with your application process?

Which source of candidates provides the best ROI?

Are you asking them the correct questions?

With the power of big data and machine learning, Applyr gives you greater insight and predictability over each stage of the recruitment process.

Share insights on your applicant pools with your hiring managers and executives.

Easily track progress in the Applyr Dashboard.

Spend more time on the interview, less on arranging it

  • Applyr selects the most qualified candidates within the applicant pool, based on the criteria that you define, and suggests who you should interview.

  • Applyr syncs with your team’s calendars and adapts to your time preferences. Several attendees required at the interview? Applyr manages that.

  • Applyr interacts with your selected candidates and takes care of booking their interviews at times that work for everybody.

  • Applyr learns from its interactions with thousands of applicants and reports back to your team with actionable insights.

  • Configurable chatbots that put you back in control of the hiring process.

  • Manage large volumes of applications with ease to help reduce turnover among employees and recruiters

Provide the best candidate experience

Your candidates are your customers.

Whether a candidate completes the hiring process or not, your brand is still making an impression. Make it a good one by providing a respectful and immediate response time.

  • Provide instant feedback to applicants and gather valuable feedback for recruiters.
  • Give rejected candidates a reason to recommend your company to other applicants
  • Show candidates that you value their time and interest in your company
  • Save time to devote more a more personal experience to qualified applicants

A fully comprehensive solution for global recruitment teams

ATS integration

A low-risk solution

Secure & confidential

International & Multilingual