Pre-select your best candidates, automatically.

Applyr Recruiter Chatbots are a customizable and scalable solution to your recruitment overload. We bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to the top of your recruitment funnel.

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Focus on qualified candidates

An overload of applications makes it difficult to find the best applicants. Our AI-powered software reduces the pile and gives your team more time to invest in your top candidates.

Auto-Schedule the first interview

Losing top candidates because you can’t get respond fast enough? Automatically schedule phone interviews with qualified candidates immediately after their application.

Reduce your time-to-hire with detailed analytics

Get data-driven insights into your top traffic sources, your highest volume positions or the cause of poorly-performing vacancies. With actionable metrics, you're always a step ahead of the competition.

Spend more time on the interview,
less on arranging it.

  • Applyr selects the most qualified candidates within the applicant haystack, based on the criteria that you define, and suggests who you should interview.

  • Applyr syncs with your team’s calendars and adapts to your time preferences. Several attendees required at the interview? Applyr manages that.

  • Applyr interacts with your selected candidates and takes care of booking their interviews at times that work for everybody.

  • Machine learning: Applyr learns from its interactions with thousands of applicants and reports back to your team with actionable insights.

  • Configurable chatbots that reflect your company's brand and put you back in control of the hiring process.

  • Manage large volumes of applications with ease. Boost morale and help reduce turnover among your employees and in-house recruiters

Provide the best candidate experience

For most big brands, your candidates are also your customers. Recruiting is Marketing.

Whether or not a candidate gets the job, your brand is making a lasting impression. Make it a human one by demonstrating speed, personality and respect.

  • Provide instant feedback to applicants and gather valuable feedback for recruiters.
  • Show candidates that you value their time and interest in your company
  • Give rejected candidates a reason to recommend your company to other applicants
  • Save time in order to offer a more personal experience to qualified applicants

A fully comprehensive solution for global recruitment teams